National Avocado Day 2021

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National Avocado Day 2021

In celebration of National Avocado Day on July 31, we thought we would talk about avocados!  You've probably heard of the Fuerte and Hass varieties, but they're NOT the only types of delicious avocados out there – The next time you're thinking about growing your own fruit tree, stop by our Long Beach nursery and we'll help you find any of these avocado varieties we have in stock, here at Ricardos Nursery – 6850 Atlantic Ave. , CA 90805: 

Haas: The oval-shaped, green, pebble-skind Hass avocado is perhaps one of the most famous types of avocado and the largest variety of commercially produced avocado that is perfect for guacamole. Large tree, 25-35 feet tall with 10-12oz ripening fruits: February- October, long season 

Haas Lamb: This is a cross between a Hass avocado and Gwen. The fruits are larger in size and later ripen than Hass. It is gaining popularity as a commercial and backyard variety due to its vertical and compact habit, exceptional flavor and easy-to-peel qualities. 

Mexicola: This cold, black, plum-sized variety was bred in California. What really sets this avocado apart is the fact that you can eat its skin and leaves. Attractive and productive tree, growing 25-35 feet tall. Plant one of these beauties and you'll have a reward of 30 pounds of delicious avocados a year in just a few years. Ripening of the fruit: August- October 

Fuerte: Fuerte avocado has a characteristic elongated shape and is mainly grown throughout Mexico and Central America. It has become one of the most beloved of all varieties of avocado, perhaps for the ease in removing the medium-thin skin of meat. Strong range of 10-12 oz with a great taste and great variety of trees. It is now the second largest variety produced commercially, but until a few years ago, it was the most popular avocado in the U.S. Ripening fruits: December- May.  

Reed: This variety is the queen when it comes to size. The huge fruit is round and vivid green and weighs more than a pound on average. Cane avocados actually take almost a year to develop on the tree. 

Bacon: What a name! Oval-shaped Bacon avocados have smooth, thin skin that is dark green with faint spots everywhere. Its flesh is pale yellow-green, with a buttery and creamy texture. Large medium-sized are generally available from autumn to spring and have a more delicate flavor than some other varieties. 

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