Senecio peregrinus (String of Dolphins)

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String of Dolphins, also called dolphin Plant, Flying Dolphins, is a rare trailing succulent that’s making waves around the world with its string-like stems really look like tiny little dolphins jumping out of the waves. It’s a hybrid between string of pearls and candle plant. They bloom in the fall with small white, tightly compacted flowers.

String of Dolphins is drought tolerant but it tends to prefer slightly more water and shade than other succulents, and will not survive a hard frost. Let them grow on a sunny window sill. To prevent rot, use well-draining pots and soil and only water when the soil is dry.

Great Trailing succulents are great for indoor hanging decoration. The dolphin like succulent would be great choice for DIY terrarium projects, indoor home decoration, wedding favors, baby shower and other celebrations.