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Full sun-light shade; moderate water. Evergreen, tropical tree native to Southeastern Brazil. It is a cauliflorous (flowers and fruits grow directly from the trunks and large branches) ember of the myrtle family. Typically grows to 10-25ft in height with a dense, bushy, rounded form to an almost as equal spread. Lanceolate to elliptic, leathery, opposite, evergreen leaves are glossy green. Yellowish-white flowers emerge in clusters on the trunks and branches. Flowers are followed by edible, thick-skinned, grape-like purple fruits (average 1in. in diameter) with a sweet, juicy, gelatinous, white pulp. Tree mat flower and fruit multiple times throughout the year. Best fruit crop appears with ross-pollination. Seed grown plants may not bear fruit for the first 8-10 years. Fruits are sometimes made into marmalades, jellies and wine. Does best in acidic soil.