Muhlenbergia capillaris 'Regal Mist' (Regal Mist Muhly Grass)

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Full sun, reflected sun, filtered sun; moderate water. A clumping grass that grows fast to 3ft tall and wide. The flowering clusters add about 1ft, giving the plant a height of 4ft when in bloom. Flower spikes are a deep pinkish-red color; with a loose, open appearance that give the tops of the plants a feathery look. These flowering stalks appear in Fall and Early Winter, although bloom periods vary slightly with temperature. Hardy to –10 degrees F, although it begins to go dormant when temperatures drop to the low 20’s. It is surprisingly drought-tolerant, surviving extended periods with minimal supplemental water once established. However, plants will look better and flower more profusely if given regular supplemental water from spring through fall. If plants do not receive ample summer irrigation, they tend to brown out. Do not be afraid of overwatering this plant, as it can tolerate ample irrigation and periodic flooding. Tolerates most soil conditions. Plants should be cut back hard in late winter or early spring to remove spent flower spikes and any brown leaves. Although it is not sterile, it has not reseeded in landscapes when watered with drip irrigation.