Lantana 'Gold Mound' Yellow Lantana

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Gold Mound Lantana is a fast-grower and a heavy bloomer, featuring dark green foliage and an abundance of small clusters of vibrant golden flowers that create a showy spectacle in any landscape. The colorful bloom attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, so get your cameras out and enjoy the scene. Easy to care for, we like to plant them as bedding plant, mixed border, or in mass planting as a vibrant groundcover. This is a fantastic ornamental plant all year long thanks to its foliage colors and interesting blueish-black fruit that mature in the fall. These berries provide food for various species of birds.

This colorful Lantana loves full sun exposure and requires low to moderate water use once established. In fact, once established, it can tolerate periods of drought. This plant can also tolerate pollution, so we like to use them in any urban garden that could use some nice color. It's a very versatile plant. Homeowners and landscapers alike love to use Gold Mound Lantana a number of other ways, such as espalier and even bonsai/topiary! No matter how you choose to use them, they are great for adding a big splash of color to your landscape!