Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' (Golden Variegated Sweet Flag)

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The golden version of this clump forming variegated perennial grass, 6-12 inch, for the waters edge and with plentiful irrigation anywhere else in the garden. In a moist location it will continue to spread. This vibrant plant pleases the eye anywhere in the house or in the garden. It likes medium to wet soil or even in water in a container or in a pond, but it doesn't mind a few days of drought once it is established.

The full growth sized plant is about 14" tall and 16" wide as shown in an 8" container. This graceful plant is good for beds, borders, edge paths or walkways, near or on the edge of ponds and streams or as a ground cover. Plant it in full sun or in a shady area in the garden or in a container to brighten up the house or patio.