Abutilon palmeri (Indian Mallow)

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Full sun and reflected heat exposure- part shade; low to moderate water. Under shady conditions it tends to have an open, sprawling growth habit, while it stays dense and rounded in full sun. This herbaceous shrub has soft. velvety, heart shaped leaves that bed to be caressed. Plant it next a patio where you can enjoy its soft texture. If ample waster is available, Indian Mallow can reach a size of 6ft tall by 4ft wide. However, a more common size is 4ft tall and wide. Fast growth rate. Indian Mallow blooms on and off throughout the warm months; Spring-Summer, with small, cup-shaped, apricot-colored blossoms. It can be cut back hard in early spring to remove the damaged foliage. Native to the Sonoran Desert at elevations from 1000 to 3000 feet.