Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' (Golden Variegated Japanese Forest Grass)

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Coastal full sun-shade; average water. Perennial grass from Japan. Its foliage forms attractive mounds of gracefully arching leaves that are almost entirely variegated with gold longitudinal stripes that take chartreuse colors in the shade ad turn brighter in the sun. Holding its vibrant color from spring through summer, it develops a pinkish blush as fall arrives and eventually turns golden tan in winter, before dying to the ground. Typically grows in dense, spreading cascading mounds to 12-18in. tall and 18-24in. wide. Delicate looking flowers appear in late summer, but are generally unnoticed among the leaves. Prefers rich, most, well-drained soil. Great for shade garden, cool rock garden, containers. An invaluable grass for adding multi-season interest, color and texture to the garden.