Grape Crimson Seedless

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The cultivar produces medium sized (0.5 kg.), conical, well filled to slightly compact clusters with a shoulder. Crimson Seedless is the latest ripening seedless table grape currently produced in California. It ripens in mid-October and, weather permitting, can be held on the vine through mid-November. The berries are medium in size (3-4 grams) and are cylindrical to oval in shape. The skin is medium in thickness and the flesh is translucent and firm to crisp. The flavor is described as sweet, neutral and very good and the cultivar has been received favorably by the retail trade due to its excellent eating characteristics and late-season availability. Crimson Seedless has become one of the most important table grape cultivars grown in California and currently there are over 6,300 hectares of the cultivar in commercial production.

Suitable Zones:
This vine is suitable for zones 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Chilling hours: 100