Hand Embroidered Floral Tlahuitoltepec Short Sleeve Women's Blouse

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These shirts display the traditional embroidery designs of Santa María Tlahuitoltepec, a village in the mountainous Mixe region of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The traditional dress of the indigenous Mixe community is believed to be a symbol of their identity. Because of their beautiful and intricate designs, these shirts have inspired high end designers like Isabel Marant's Etoile Collection to duplicate the work that has been done for over 600 years by the Mixe peoples. 

The local artisans say about their designs, my heart tells me what I’m going to embroider because I have it in memory, born with that idea or feeling, experience, it is the daily life as Mixe.  It is a representation of blood, food, and nature.” {translated from Spanish}