Eugenia myrtifolia (Brush Cherry)

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The Brush Cherry is an evergreen tree or shrub with dark green glossy lance-shaped leaves. It bears small white flowers and edible red fruit. The Brush Cherry is an evergreen tree or shrub native to Australia and New Zealand.

Full sun-part shade; moderate water. Grows to 30-60ft tall and 10-20ft wide with dense foliage crown, if kept untrimmed. Often clipped into formal shapes and hedges; also used as background or screen plant. Oblong, 1.5-3in. long leaves in rich glossy green, often bronze tinged; reddish bronze new growth. Small, creamy white summer flowers have conspicuous tufts of stamens that look like little brushes. Blossoms are followed by showy, edible, 3/4in. rosy purple fruit that is insipid raw but good in jellies.