Asclepias curassavica (Tropical Milkweed)

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Full sun; moderate water. Perennial native to South America. Woody-based plant with stiff stems and narrow 6in. leaves. Grows to 3-4ft tall and 2-3ft wide. Clusters of vivid red flowers. The flowers are followed by 3in. long spindle-shaped seedpods that produces viable seed - this plant readily self-seeds to perpetuate itself within the garden. Cut back in the fall after all caterpillars are gone but be wary of the milky sap, which can cause irritation and injury to eyes and is poisonous if ingested. An excellent butterfly nectar plant and attracts Monarch butterflies as an egg laying host as it is the sole food source for Monarch caterpillars (don't remove those fantastic large-horned, black and yellow-striped caterpillars).