Miracle Fruit

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Full sun-part shade; moderate water. Evergreen shrub native to West Africa. Grows between 6-15ft  tall and wide. Dense foliage; its green leaves are 2-4in. long, about 1.5in. wide and glabrous below They are clustered at the ends of the branchlets. White flowers are produced for many months of the year. It bears red, up to an inch long, fruit. White, translucent, fibrous pulp; mildly sweet tangy, clinging to the dark brown seed. The plant first bears fruit after growing or approximately 3-4 years and produces two crops per year. Known for its berry that, when eaten, causes sour foods; such as lemon and limes, subsequently consumed to taste sweet. This effect is due to miraculinm a taste modifier; a glycoprotein extracted form the fruit. Miraculin itself is not sweet; the berry itself has a low sugar content. After the taste buds are exposed to miraculin, which binds to sour receptors on the tongue, acidic foods that are ordinarily sour are perceived as sweet. This effect lasts up to an hour.