Evergreen Pear (Pyrus kawakamii)

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Evergreen Pear is truly a spectacular site to see in bloom. Large clusters of white blooms appear in early Spring when most other plants and trees are not producing much in the way of color. Pyrus kawakamii will reach up to a little over 20 feet by about 15 feet wide. The beautiful dark bark contrasts again the light green foliage and white petals. This tree has many uses: It can be trained to espallier against a fence or wall using cable and ties, it can be kept in pots as a patio tree, or it can be use to shade a small seating area. When the flowers drop in late Spring, it's like snow is falling as the light petals are caught in the wind. Evergreen Pear will require full sun and regular watering. Hardy to about 20 deg. F. Native to China.



Sun Exposure:

Full Sun (6+ hours of direct sunlight)

Mature Height:


Mature Width:


Water needs:


Bloom Season: